The 92nd. WHA Haiga Contest i09/2011)

Commemorative contest result

Judge and comments by Kuniharu Shimizu ....(blog)

I received 37 submissions, and accepted 24.

Three winners of the exellent haiga are:

Christa Beau (Germany)

Heike Gewi (Germany)

Razvan Pintea (Rumania)


Note 1: The master haiga artists all submitted perfect ones. Thank you!

Note 2: Because this contest was special, I applied high criteria in selection.

E-mail Address for Submission

For those who are submitting for the first time, please be reminded that the deadline is the 20th of each month.

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alphabetical order

Ashi (Denmark)

Beate Conrad (USA)

Bernard T. Joy (UK)

Cezar F. Ciobica (Rumania)

Christa Beau (Germany)

Dainius Dirgela (Lithuania)

Dan Hardison (USA)

Gillena Cox (Trinida & Tobago)

Heike Gewi (Germany)

Heike Stehr (Germany)

Ignatius Fay (Canada)

Jacek Margolak (Poland)

Marija Pogorillic (Croatia)

Maya Lyubenova (Bulgaria)

Ralf Broeker (Germany)

Ramona Linke (Germany)

Razvan Pintea (Rumania)

Rick W. Daddario (USA)

Robert B. Nowak (Poland)

Rudi Pfaller (Germany)

Silvija Butkovic (Croatia)

Simone K. Busch (Germany)

Toni Piccini (Italy)

Urszula Wielanowska (Poland)

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